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Inviato da: nithyav2k16 il 12 Jan 2020, 03:36

Data Science is a domain with which you can perform magic with data, and data scientists are magicians.In this article, we will comprehensively learn about data science.So what is data? It is a collection of facts.A bunch of numbers, say -0.879 and 348 is data. The statement "My name is Sam" is also data. In the past two decades or so, data has become abundant and will keep on increasing exponentially till atleast the next decades. Lets understand this data explosion. Earlier whatever data we had was small, structured and of a single format.The size of such data(KB or MB) was quite small compared to what we have today.Such data was backed up in floppy disks to avoid data loss. The storage capacity of floppy disks was 90KB.Gradually after a period of 2 to 3 years, its capacity increased to 360KB and after 3 more years its capacity increased to 720 KB.After almost a decade of the floppy disk existence, its capacity reached to 1.44 MB. If you combine 711 floppy disk , you can store 1 GB data. As you can see the data and the storage capacity of the data was very small.This was the scenario back then when there was no need of analytics to derive insights from the data.The need to understand and analyze data to make better decisions is what gave birth to Data Science.For more information please visit

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